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Premium Payments during Covid 19
Residence Hirzer der Pircher Melanie und Co KG
Partita Iva - Codive Fiscale: IT 02462850211

07.07.2020 Agenzia delle Entrate Pag Urg Covid19-Roma-IT Contributo Art. 25 DL N34 del 2020
C.F 02462850211 - 7.227,00 EURO
10.11.2020 Agenzia delle Entrate Pag Urg Covid 19-Roma-IT Benef/ Contributo Art. 1 DL N137 Del 2020
C.F 02462850211- 10.841,00 Euro
09.04.2021 Agenzia delle Entrate Pag Urg Covid 19-Roma-IT Mef Via del Giorgione 159 Roma Benef/ Contributo Art 1 Dl 41 Del 2021 C.F. 02462850211- 10.279,00 Euro
24.06.2021 Agenzie delle Entrate Pag Urg. Covid 19 Roma It Mef Via del Giorgione 159 Roma Itali Benef/Contributo Art 1 Co 1 Dl N73 Del 2021 C.F. 02462850211 - 10.279,00 Euro

In line with Art. 13 (information), legislative decree n. 196 of June 30th 2003, we hereby inform that the company processes the personal data of customers, suppliers as well as of people providing our sales office or our management with their data (by phone, fax or e-mail).

In accordance with the legal provisions our company assures that the processing of personal data takes place in respect of fundamental rights and freedom as well as in respect of the dignity of the person concerned, with particular attention to confidentiality, individual identity and the right to personal data protection.

Purposes of processing personal data:

  • Fulfilment of legal duties, regulations, Community rules, civil and tax rules
  • Fulfilment of possible contractual obligations towards the  party concerned
  • Performance of all tasks connected with the business of our company,     such as filling in of in-house statistics, rendering of accounts, customers / suppliers book-keeping
  • Commercial purposes such as sending of business information and advertising material (by post, fax and e-mail), marketing activitie and market research
  • Protection of credits and management of debts
  • Fulfilment of the obligation to notify the municipality and the public bodies and authorities about the identity of the people lodging by us.

With reference to the purposes mentioned above, personal data will be transmitted, if necessary:


  • To public bodies and authorities when provided by law
  • To credit institutions our company is in relationship with for credit/debts
  • To all physical and/or legal persons, public and/or private officers,       (lawyer's offices, offices for administration or tax advice, judicial offices,
  • Chambers of Commerce, etc.) when the notice is necessary or        functional to perform our activities, always in line with the conditions and purposes mentioned above

Our company will not release personal data to third parties.

Processing of personal data shall take place with or without the assistance of electronic or in any case automated means and shall include all the operations provided by Art. 4, paragraph 1, sect. a, of the Italian legislative decree n. 196 of June 30th 2003 (any operation or range of operations concerning the collection, registration, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection, drawing, comparison, use and deletion of personal data). Processing shall always take place in accordance with every precautionary measure granting its safety and confidentiality.

The Privacy Code grants the parties concerned specific rights as for Art. 7. In particular, individuals have the right to know what personal data are in possession of the Controller and to gain access to them. In addition, the party concerned can ask for information about the origin of personal data, the purposes and the methods of their processing both if this takes place with the assistance of electronic means or not and about the details of the Controller, of the persons in charge and of the subjects or categories of subjects to whom personal data can be disclosed or who can have access to them. The party concerned has the right to check, confirm, correct and complete his/her personal data and to ask to remove, close or make anonymous the personal data which is not processed in respect of the law. The party concerned shall prevent completely or in part the processing of personal data for legitimate reasons and to require their deletion, closure and anonymous nature also without justified reason, in case personal data are used for commercial information, sending of advertising material, direct sale or market researches and opinion polls.

The above mentioned rights can be exercised by the party concerned or by an appointed person by means of a registered letter or an e-mail.

The Controller of personal data processing is:
Residence Hirzer of Pircher Josef & Co. Sas